About us

BHD Leon Puesto de Bolsa, a subsidiary of Lion BHD Financial Center, started operations on June 2, 2014 as a result of the merger of BHD Valores y Valores Leon, with the common aim of participating in the operations of the stock market of the Republic Dominican. We incorporated within our service guarantees professionalism, experience and a technology platform that provides flexibility, security and confidence to our customers. We stand by our high level of integrity and professional ethics. Our main objective is to provide investors and issuers access to financial markets to benefit from a higher return with a low risk on investment and reduce their financial expenses. We ensure that our customers receive the support necessary to undertake strategic transactions that promote business development, designing financial structures required and assisting them in understanding their risks and opportunities. For this we offer a broad range of investment options, through our individual units and institutional clients, such as:

  • Diversification of your portfolio
  • Access multiple investment alternatives
  • Optimizing return on investment
  • Direct access to the stock market

Through the Corporate Finance unit, we provide professional financial advice to companies and shareholders emissions structuring needs, assessments, advice on mergers and acquisitions and capital structure analysis and competition; to optimize competitiveness, profitability and balance sheet structure